Friday, 15 July 2016

"i3 professional insight - talk with Tanay Kadam,Young Author

I had a very lucky opportunity to have a chat with Tanay Kadam, author of Make a wish. He is a very young novelist but simply outstanding... You can get paperback fiction on clicking here

Tanay Kadam brings you his debut work, MAKE A WISH, adapted from true events, explores about the true friendship, dreams, heartbreak and tragic business of being in love. A tale full of jaw dropping twists and turns will make you believe in yourself and your dreams because IT'S A LOVE STORY BEYOND LOVE! 

Here it starts.........

Nath Mishra  : Hello inspiration unlimited
Tanay kadam: Hi Nageshwar 
Nath Mishra: I'm not sure about my dream,meeting with you may give me insight about my dreams
Tanay kadam: What are you studying?
Nath Mishra: Engineering
Tanay kadam: Engg!  Great.....  What is ur dream?
Nath Mishra: Same has yours
Tanay kadam: Oooo I c.....  You write often?  Tell me about ur erks, Tell me about ur wrk! What u write?  Poems o stories......  N on wat!
Nath Mishra: I have started a blog,poems,speechs etc.Want to know more about you?
Tanay kadam: Ask me particular question about what u wanna know....  I'll try my best to help u
Nath Mishra: When you started writing? Professionally, What were your starting stuff?
Tanay kadam: Starting stuffs! , Thrs no such things. Just quite self belief
                         Even today....  After one novel and many stories......  I still get numb                                    
looking at empty paper , U just have to start.....  No matter how dumb
                         the sentence be.....                                        

  Tanay kadam: Writing is all about honesty.....  Writing wat u feel....
  Nath Mishra : You share before writing or write and then share
Tanay kadam: Share wat??
 Nath Mishra: Storyline,
 Do you plot your stories or do you just get an idea and      run with it?  

Tanay kadam: I write it.....  Thn show it to someone who don't know me.... Caz I get  an honest review irrespective to the people who know me.....  Only harsh and true suggestions vl improve ur writing.....

Tanay kadam: I once got upset after hearing a bad reviews on my wrk.....  They intact improved me a lot......

Nath Mishra: While writing you read books and get inspired
Tanay kadam: Ofc! If u read lots of books.....  Then words will flow like river wen u write.....
Tanay kadam: I failed several times in english during school times......  Bt I had a habit of reading books,  newspapers and watever.... a lot..... Tht helped me big time
Nath Mishra : Which genre novels you love
Tanay kadam: I'm a voracious reader and I don't think thr is a specific genre I prefer.....  I live reading any book.....  From mystery to romance to thriller to drama to biographies etc

 Tanay kadam: Did you read make a wish?
 Nath Mishra : I have ordered it, All excited, Just can't wait

 Tanay kadam: Thts nyc.....  I'll be waiting for your valuable review 
 Nath Mishra : Thank for this conversation
 Nath Mishra : It will surely guide me

 Tanay kadam: Always welcome  I'll always be thr to help....  Feel free to ping
 Tanay kadam: All the best to u