Friday, 18 March 2016

Mind twisting imp aspect of time

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend-Theophrastus

Mind Twisting important aspect of time
  1. -However correct you are but "Right thing should be said at right time." Like,decisions taken in furious mood are never correct.So,has right things said at wrong time won't work. 
  2. -Time is best medicine for emotional setbacks.I don't know how but its better if sometime we just let time go without taking decisions,which we feel like its important for the time being.It's because we may become mature in coming time and then will take decision with confident and it will surely be correct. 
  3. Youth's life is most important for parents,nation and teachers because they have the most time in world .Their present decisions depends on their mentors and their right decision will surely change the nation.
  4. The best thing which you can give someone is your time. By giving your time to them you make them feel important.
  5. Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted-John Lennon
  6. Time is life.Whatever you will do with your time ,same will happen with your life.

Importance of Time

काल करे सो आज कर ,आज करे सो अब ,पल में प्रलय होएगी , बहुरि करोगे कब"-Saint Kabirdas

I thought we are the most busiest person of all time humans. But upper stanzas proves people in 16th century were also busy(In sense wasted lot of time like us) .So kabir had to come forward, with these stanza emphasizing on....
Now or Never 
From now or never of course answer is now.Right now make us liberated.We don't have to think for some other time for a particular work.One who make it right now won't waste its time in future.
Time is limited.
Things are lot to be done.Its on us how we use our time.I was lucky to meet peoples who not only cared about their time but also about my time.I learnt importance of time.

Wasted time is worse than wasted money.Money once can be earned again but with time,you will just regret why we did that and not that.Use your time wisely.We ourselves know and regret why we wasted time.That should not happen .

If you waste time you are wasting your life. Use time at fullest.

Last but not least,

Prioritize your time .

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Over-analysis leads to paralysis

I suffered from paralysis of over-analysis before writing these blogs.
  1. I read various blogs on how to start writing blogging
  2. I read so many blogs and got inspired 
  3. I got basic idea how my blog will look like
  4. I immediately made blog and had views it will be my best of  effort
And days passed on and on.All of my prevous thoughts were being an hinderence for me.
I wanted to have a perfect blog.

Every successful persons thoughts only turned into action.But action was done. Over-Analysis makes us standstill or immobilize us.
Look before you leap is right but just looking and not leaping will never give you the right path.
Sometimes in life just leaping may be advantageous.However,

Over Analysis is a situation where action is not taken
For days I thought about my dreams and one day I will forget it.Before its too late I need to act on.


Thinking too much about something takes you to DEAD END
Actions must be performed.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Don't get affected by world

There were so many who tried to pull you down and still there are many who will pull you down.
You never did bad to them or you aren't going to do anything bad,but still they will resist your progress.The reason is we ourselves.

We all are running in a race of life.Has we move ahead in it,we meet people in same situation has we see ourselves.We call them friend.Their thoughts,views they share with us.At our first meet we resist their negative thought.But,in few days,their thought starts saturating us.Even about their negativity our feeling change.We sort of become like them feeling-wise .So,the best thing we can do is to stay away from negative peoples.

The world is to pull you down.Nobody,is going to take you to peak.It's you the only one will make way till top. Society, will either lend you a hand to reach top or pull you down.It's solely on you to decide which society you want.From,today on search for society which you want and not the one which world provided you.If such society doesn't exist create one through your optimist and friendly nature.
You must be the change you wish to see in the world-Mahatma Gandhi.

While travelling we meet some rude guys,in train or anywhere in neighborhood.We shouldn't take unknown peoples word  seriously.Sometime,useless peoples comment are taken damn seriously and in turn we lose our mental balance and confidence.

People will laugh,tease,curse,provoke,dislike,abuse.You should understand,bless,inspire,respect and be kind,gentle,peaceful.

We sometime feel like our own friend want to make us feel down.In Reality they are rivals
Rivalry should be taken positively. It's only solution that exist and best for our own goodness.