Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Elevation of perception is control of pain(1)

"There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are doors of perception"                                                                -Aldous Huxley

Even the one who solved toughest problem  in world won't have  looked it has if it is toughest in the world .For them it was just a simple problem which can be solved.Nothing is impossible.Ever thing can be solved.

Teacher gives a very  tough problem to students.One who solves it will be the one who looked it as something he can solved and not as something he has never solved.It's all about way of looking at problem

Road of life is full of speed brakers. They not only reduce your speed but also shake you up and down.Each and everyone  at some walk of life may feel that they are having a terrible life.It's toughest for them to face these life. Suddenly they meet someone and compare their life with him and at the end finds that he is having a far worse life then me.Instead of thinking he is having a tough life,he will think that I'm having a better life.

Something is definitely above your suffering.If i live in slum,someone live in tents across railway line. If I am poor,someone is poorer than me.Instead I will say I'm richer than him.Famous saying has goes  "Loser sees glass half empty,while winners see it as half filled."

Always see the brighter aspect of the life,........ 

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