Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Growth is the mantra of life.

The world in which we live is changing ever instant. Everything is progressing in world.

A seed grows into plant .A plant into a tree. A plant is lot weaker than a tree. To survive in this world, it is needed to turn into a strong tree. To survive in this world we must grow.

Our parents made us their growth. For years around, our parent are doing same work. A mother prepares food for us. Cleans utensil, wash clothes, sweep house and many many more things. Father won't quit his boring,  stringent office life, because he knows his family depends on him. Our parents hinder their progress in life for us.

We may become same one day. We will have our own family. We will care them same as our parents did our caring. Where is growth in life? Nor they have growth nor will we having. What is the solution of this problem?

Progress is the most essential thing in life. Each and every walk of life should have progress in it. Ever progressing one is only happy. Now, it's on us. Which life we want?

Parents want us to progress. We want both of us should grow in life. Atleast, we shouldn't take the same track as them. We need to grow, twice the speed by which we can grow for ourselves and for our parents.

Of all the wastes of human ignorance perhaps the most extravagant and costly to human growth has been the waste of the distinctive powers of womanhood after the child-bearing age. -Anna garlin spencer

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